Negative Space Nails

I am obsessed with nail art. I got into it a few years ago when I finally decided to stop biting my nails, which looked more like stumps than actual nails. In order to let them grow, I always kept them painted but plain nails can get boring so I taught myself through trial and error (& with the help of Pinterest) to do fun nail art. It’s much cheaper than getting it done at a salon and it’s fun to treat yourself to an at home salon day!

Today I did a really easy design but it’s one that I’ve been recently obsessed with: Negative space nails with a matte top coat.

{I ended up changing some nails at the last minute…you’ll see if you continue reading. One thing about painting my nails to avoid biting them is I’ve become so picky about what they look like that I can redo my nails two or three times in a day. Thankfully, that doesn’t happen that often!}

Last week I did another version of negative space nails that were a bit more complicated. Today, I thought I’d show you a really easy, fast way to get a great manicure.

nail polish emoji First, I started with two Essie colors, Minimalistic (the pink) and Petal Pushers (the grey.) IMG_2866

nail polish emoji I used chevron nail stickers (you can get them for less than $3 on Amazon!) For my middle finger I used just one to set off the tip and ended up adding another one later for the top. For my ring finger I used two to create a bigger negative space.


If you’re a nail art lover as well and you don’t use nail tape, I suggest that you reconsider! Amazon sells several different kinds for only a few dollars. I have 30 roles of skinny tape (that cost $1) in addition to the chevrons and I use it almost every time I do my nails. You can get super complicated-looking designs with ease.

nail polish emojiMake sure the stickers are completely flat against the nail. You can paint right up to the line or completely over it. Then let the paint dry a bit before removing. (I use tweezers to make it easier.) It doesn’t have to be 100% dry but at least tacky. This reduces the risk of pulling any polish that may be on the sticker, which will ruin the overall design.

Here is the finished result:


nail polish emojiWhen the nails are basically dry add a matte top coat – I use Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat. And, with a minor change in design, here are my nails for the week!


What is your favorite nail art?

Check back soon for more nail art and beauty reviews!

Get the London Look: Rimmel London VoxBox

image2 image3

I received my first VoxBox from Influenster yesterday! If you aren’t familiar with Influenster, it’s a site where you answer questions (called ‘snaps’), write reviews and earn badges. Every once in a while they send out a box of goodies that you qualify for based on your answers/ reviews.

I received the Rimmel London VoxBox. In it was Scandaleyes Mascara , Stay Glossy Lip Gloss and Natural Bronzer. I’m a beauty junkie. I love trying new skin care, makeup and hair products so I was really excited to get this in the mail and try it out today!

It is important to point out that I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes and this review is 100% honest and from me.


5-star-rating The Scandaleyes Mascara gets 5 stars! The brush is fluffy and soft and gets most of your lashes in one swoop. It gave my lashes major length without clumping – which is the bane of any mascara wearers existence. I have very dark eyebrows and eyelashes so the ‘extreme black’ color is perfect. When I usually wear mascara, I use two or three different kinds just to get the right look and get the clumps out but with this, I was happy using just the one kind. I will definitely purchase this once I run out.

5-star-rating The Natural Bronzer I also really loved. Because I have a pale complexion, I use bronzer everyday so I was the most excited to try this out. It was lighter than what I usually use but I actually liked it much better than the brand I use now. Because it’s light, you can build it on without the worry of looking dirty. Some bronzers can be super shimmery and the moment you step into the sun you look like you fell into a pile of glitter, which is, needless to say, not a good look. This one isn’t like that at all. I used a big fluffy brush to apply it but it would work well with a contour brush if you’d rather use that instead.

two-stars_0The Stay Glossy Lip Gloss unfortunately didn’t stand up as well. To be fair, I have never put on a lip gloss that I liked. It is always just way too sticky for me and I constantly feel like I need to wipe it off; I’d much rather a matte lip stick or tinted lip balm. However, the color is gorgeous. It’s a very light pink with shimmer in it which looks very nice in the summer. This just wasn’t a winner for me.

All in all, Rimmel London is definitely on my radar now and I will consider it when shopping for these products. I’d also be willing to try out some of their other products in the future.


“You Look Disgusting”

I saw this video today on Buzzfeed and it broke my heart. I got pimples in high school but my skin was generally very smooth between the random breakouts and then, during my sophomore year in college, my face turned into a bumpy mess. There’s white and red bumps and they won’t go away no matter what I do. I’ve spent hundreds on prescription medicine, over the counter medicine, home remedies, and light therapy with no success. It makes me feel awful. I don’t go anywhere without makeup on and even with it I feel ugly. I try to tell myself that other people don’t notice it as much as I do but seeing this just confirms what other people are thinking. If these people knew how bad these words hurt, maybe they would reconsider posting them.

Intern chronicles 

Being an intern is a tough position to be in for one reason (although you could probably come up with several.) This is the ideal time to make mistakes because you are there first and foremost to learn and grow as a professional. Because you are learning by actual experience and not by sitting in a classroom, you are getting advice from people working in the profession right now – if you have professors who are retired from the field, there are some things they may be rusty on. (For example, I’m going into journalism, a professor who hasn’t worked for 10, or even 5 years would be so far behind on what the internet/social media has done for journalism.)

BUT, here’s the problem: when you’re an intern you feel like you can’t make a mistake no matter how minute. Maybe it is because being inexperienced can make being critiqued feel harsh or personal even though it usually isn’t and is ultimately for your benefit. Or maybe it is because you want to leave with the best impression possible. Your intern supervisors will hopefully be there in the future to offer you a job or write you a recommendation.

My first experience as an intern was last summer at my local newspaper. I was given the full responsibility of a staff writer and was expected to meet the same standard (honestly an intern’s dream – no getting coffees and filing papers.) But my first assignment I really struggled with. I had no idea what they wanted and handed in an unfinished, messy, piece of … well you know. My supervisor worked with me to get it to where it needed to be, and although I knew she wasn’t being mean, I felt awful. I started to tear up and she saw it, which really only made me more embarrassed. I went home that night and actually contemplated if I had what it takes to be a writer, something I have wanted to do since elementary school. I really thought my dream was over. The next day, my supervisor took me for coffee and basically said, Hey, that was a great learning experience and it has nothing to do with your actual potential. I realized she was right and every piece I wrote for them after that was better than the one before.

Now that I find myself as an editorial intern at a magazine, I still struggle with handling critique. When I hand something in that I’m proud of and it gets a lot of edits, it is hard to not feel like in some way, I failed. And how could you possibly be so proud of something and then it flops?

I don’t know when – if ever – that feeling goes away. Possibly with time you learn to embrace it a little more, or you learn to fix the mistakes you’ve been making and then your work doesn’t get edited nearly as much. 

Being an intern, though it can be stressful (and usually unpaid) is one of the best things you can do for yourself before you graduate college. If it isn’t required by your school, you should still look into it. Do a quick search for entry level jobs in the field you want to go into and you’ll see how a lot of them require experience. Entry level used to actually mean entry level, but it doesn’t anymore. (Obviously this can vary by field.)

I’m still on a long road of learning but I know this summer will benefit my future. If you’re questioning whether you should intern, my advice is to absolutely do it and don’t be discouraged if something doesn’t work out the way you thought it would. 

A new adventure

Another summer begins and so does another internship. This time around however, I am an editorial intern at a magazine – the business I really want to go into – rather than a newspaper. Not to say that I didn’t learn so much working at the newspaper because I did but this is giving me more of a sneak peak at what my career will be like one day. Hopefully anyway.

On top of adventuring into a new career, I am also spending the summer with my boyfriend who until now was always long distance. It’s going to be a learning experience for us both to spend so much time together after only spending a weekend or two a month previously. And to also respect each others space.

It is going to be quite a summer, hopefully filled with opportunities to learn and to grow in several aspects of my life. And I am up for it all.

How I handled my curly hair crisis

I have been battling my curly hair for probably about 15 years. As a kid, I absolutely hated what were actually perfect little cork screws (and 100x better than what I have now.) In elementary school I decided to chop it all off and besides looking like a boy, it also looked awful for years while it was growing back. And when it did finally grow back, it was never as nice as those cork screws. Some parts are really curly, some parts are mostly frizz and it’s got the texture of basically wire.


( if only I appreciated this hair back then)


(what my hair looked like today)

Over the years, I have paid hundreds on relaxers, chemical straighteners, haircuts, products, etc. Unfortunately, no chemical stood a chance against these curly locks and I repeatedly found myself back at square one. And when it comes to haircuts, I had my fair share of awful ones. Most hairdressers just can’t handle my hair but they never want to admit it. They see me as a white, Italian girl and think ‘Oh, no big deal’ but once they get their hands on this thick mane, it’s nothing like they expected. Because of that, I have been subjected to the triangle haircut for way too long.

In order to try and feel somewhat pretty, I would dedicate hours to flat ironing and further killing my hair. Because of that, my hair has been the same length for at least 5 years. And when you have thick, huge, curly hair any length above chest level is really just too short. So in an effort to finally fix the mop laying on my head, I did some research on what products, styles, and hairdressers would be the best. Here is what I’ve come up with:

1. Deva Curl
Shampoo (aka “no poo”) & conditioner – Their products are designed specifically for curly hair. They take the idea of “sulfate free” and step it up ten notches. I was skeptical at first, but the “no poo” does a good job actually cleaning your scalp while also moisturizing and then the conditioner really softens it up. A normal size bottle is about $10 at a beauty supply store but if you buy them online they can range from $8 all the way to $39 for a 32 oz bottle. That’s crazy, I know, but try and find someone with a beauty license who will go to a supplier for you. It will save you a fortune.
The haircut – You do not need to go to the official DevaChan salon in Manhattan to get the benefits of the haircut. I really considered it but the prices are outrageous. If you go on their website, you can search for trained Deva Curl stylists in your area. I found one near my school and ended up paying $75 instead of hundreds. (I read a review where someone paid $180 to get their hair cut by a jr. stylist!!!) The Deva Curl cut is done on dry hair and each curl is cut individually. This helps take away that triangle look because very curly hair should never ever be one length and being cut dry takes away the risk of it being much shorter than you anticipated.
I never tie my hair up in a towel anymore, instead I scrunch it dry with the Deva Towel, but a t-shirt will do the job just as well. I’ve found that this alone really helps the shape and minimizes frizz.

2. Miss Jessie’s

After years of searching, I think I have finally found the holy grail of hair gels. Miss Jessie’s is made for naturally curly, hard to handle hair. If I could meet Miss Jessie I would kiss her right on the mouth.

I apply the ‘Multicultural Curls’ lotion first (on damp hair) and then the ‘Jelly Soft Curls’ gel. These products are usually found in the “ethnic hair” section of the grocery store because for some reason, other products are targeted at the idea that all white people have baby soft hair. I am living proof that that is a big fat lie. So venture into the ethnic section and rejoice at real curly hair products. Miss Jessie’s is on the expensive side but for me it’s been worth it. The gel is $14 and the lotion is $16 but the bottles can stretch for about a month or so and if you want to give the products a trial run first, you can buy $2 packets on their website.
My hair is still a work in progress. I’ve been trying to not use a straightener on it so that it will hopefully finally grow (fingers crossed) and I do a coconut oil hair mask a few times a month. I basically wake up every morning and have no idea what my hair will look like that day – as I’m sure anyone with crazy curly hair understands – but I’m learning to finally embrace the lion’s mane I was born with.

False confessions & the Central Park Five

Have you ever heard of a “false confession”? I had heard the term before but never truly understood what it meant. I thought, ‘why would someone confess to something they didn’t actually do?’ I don’t think I would be wrong to assume that most people think that way as well.

I’m taking a forensic linguistics class where we learn about the different aspects of language in a criminal setting (threats, bribery, confessions, etc.) and yesterday in class we learned that people do actually confess to things they didn’t do. And it happens way more often than would think.

There is one case in particular regarding false confessions that stood out and really effected me: The Central Park Jogger case of 1989.

Five young boys (ages 14-16) were picked up for causing trouble one night in Central Park. But when news came in that a woman was found who had been brutally beaten and raped while jogging, the police quickly pointed their fingers at the boys. They denied being involved, saying they didn’t even know what the police were talking about. The police lied to each boy saying that the others were blaming him. They even said that there was evidence against one of them even though the evidence found at the scene (i.e the semen) did not match any of the boys. But the police wanted someone to blame. This was a crime in Central Park, a place that people thought of as safe and peaceful.

central park five 2They saw these boys for what they were: young, naive, and scared and they convinced them that if they confessed to the crime they could go home. At this point they had been interrogated for hours and were exhausted. The only thing they wanted was to go home. So they did what they were told: they regurgitated the story the police fed to them. They were saying names that the police told them of boys they didn’t even know. One of them said that if they had given him 100 names, he would have wrote down that 100 people were there with him that night.

But instead of going home, they were arrested and charged with the rape and attempted murder of the woman.

In court, they boys plead not guilty. There was no physical evidence to tie them to being there and I even read a report that two of the doctors who treated the woman said that her wounds were not consistent with the boys’ account of the attack. However, there was the confessions. The jury thought the same way most people thought, if they confessed then they did it. They were found guilty.

The four youngest boys, Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana and Yusef Salaam served six to seven years in juvenile detention centers while Korey Wise, who was 16 and tried as an adult, served 13 years in actual prison.

Shortly after the case, another man, Matias Reyes, was arrested in New York City for a number of rapes and one murder of a pregnant woman. Thirteen years later, while in prison with Wise, he came forward as the actual rapist. When the evidence that had sat unidentified for years was tested, it turned out it was his.

2012 NYC Doc Festival Closing Night Screening Of "The Central Park Five"

(From left) Korey Wise, Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana and Yusef Salaam

The men filed a lawsuit against the city and were each awarded a large sum of money for the years they served but as you can imagine, after 13 years these boys were not the same and no amount of money could ever get them that time back. They were not the innocent 14, 15, and 16 year olds anymore. They had done real time for a crime they did not commit. Santana even did time later in life for drug charges after not being able to get a real job or even function the same way after getting out of the juvenile detention center. His sentence for the drug charges was much longer than it normally would have been because he had a record.

There is a documentary, The Central Park Five, released in 2012 about the case. (The trailer is at the top of this article) I urge everyone to take the time to watch it – it’s on Netflix. This is a story that has completely broken my heart and I don’t know if I will ever get over it. Hearing about this has made me want to do something; help in some way, any way possible.

The fact that this is not the only case where this has happened is the most outrageous part. This is happening everyday. Here, in America. It needs to be stopped.