Hofstra University’s Communications Job Fair Success for Businesses and Students Alike

By Medea Giordano

Hofstra University held its annual Communications Job Fair on October 30th in the Lawrence Herbert School of Communications building. Thirty-one corporations were in attendance with opportunities ranging from internships at CBS News to marketing and advertising for Burger King.

Although some students were surprised and disappointed with the small size of the fair, compared to the 77 or so businesses that participated in Hofstra’s Fall Career Fair which was generally business based, one junior journalism major, Arielle Burton, was pleased. She said that the small size gave it “a more personal experience and I was able to get a sense of what the scouts were looking for.” Burton also said about the fair in general that it was a huge eye opener and a learning experience for her. “Hofstra is big on students knowing every part [of the business] but I learned that you should try to focus on one specialization.”

Among those in attendance was the website, The Celebrity Cafe, which, being around since 1995 is the longest running entertainment internet magazine. The website was looking for interns who would work solely from home but could gain school credit for their contributions. Angela Corry, the magazine’s senior editor, spoke highly of Hofstra University despite having interns from all over the country. “We love Hofstra students because we know how well trained they are.”


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