Buzzfeed: “Texas School Hosts Speaker Who Encourages Girls to Shut Up to be Dateable”

Buzzfeed: “Texas School Hosts Speaker Who Encourages Girls to Shut Up to be Dateable”

On November 13th, Buzzfeed posted an article about a high school in Texas who hosted Justin Lookadoo who “a religious motivational speaker who is known for his dating rules that teach girls they need to talk less and be more mysterious to get guys to like them.” Lookadoo also co-authored a book about dating and runs a website, which offers tips on how to appeal to the opposite sex. The Buzzfeed article showed tweets from some of the students who were basically outraged at what this guy had to say.

No matter how ridiculous this guy is, he is entitled to think what he wants but for a HIGH SCHOOL to allow him to come talk to its students…what were they thinking? High school aged girls are often in a period of trying to find themselves and build up self confidence in what can be sometimes awkward years. So why not invite a misogynist who tells woman to “shut up” so men will like you? That will help them out a whole lot.

It’s crazy to me that in 2013, people with this type of thought process are still existing. And feel no shame is broadcasting it to the world.

What would you do if you were in attendance at this? Or what if your children were?


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