Queen of Procrastination

I’m about to start the last week of classes before finals. I have a ton of work to do. Like more than one person can possibly accomplish in such a small period of time.  So you think I’d be trying as hard as I can to get everything done and study enough to do well on my finals. No. I want to. But for some reason I can’t get myself to do anything. I’ll do work for 15 minutes and then be distracted by something on my phone / TV/ or computer for an hour and a half. And then go out at night.

This will only lead to low final grades and a low GPA. Not good. I can’t afford to do poorly. (Literally. If I get any scholarship money taken away, I’m done.)

I did well in high school. I was on the honor roll almost every quarter with the exception of one or two. I always thought of myself as being smart until I got to college. High school requires almost no outside work. If you have any common sense you can get through it easily. College, on the other hand, requires numerous hours of studying and doing homework. And sometimes saying no to going to the bar. But I feel like I never learned how to study properly and I never learned how to manage my time properly. Essentially, I’m screwed if I don’t get my act together. But how does a sophomore in college learn to study this late in the game?

I got here but now I need to stay here.


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