Growing up, I always knew I wanted to go away for college. California was where I truly wanted to be, but the cost of flying back and forth was not feasible. But when it came right down to leaving, I was so scared. I chose Hofstra, a school that was three hours away, not far but not close either. It was perfect, but I was terrified. Being super shy makes a lot of normal life experiences really stressful but once I was able to break out of my shell a little, I was finally able to enjoy myself. Tomorrow I start my second semester of sophomore year. I can not even believe that I’ve been in college for almost two years already. I admit, I have to crack down quite a bit this semester, (I don’t always practice the best time management skills aka I’m a professional procrastinator) but I am just really enjoying where I am in life right now. In two (or three, depending on if I get accepted into the 5 year bachelors/masters program) years, I’ll be released into the real world to finally follow my dream of becoming a journalist. Hopefully, I will end up in California like I’ve dreamed about for so long. I have a long road ahead of me where my anxiety is concerned personally and professionally but I’m very excited to see where the road I’m on leads me.


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