Valentine’s Day at White Castle

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am an avid White Castle fan. The closest to my hometown being almost two hours away, I don’t get the opportunity to enjoy it that often. Even since moving to Long Island for school, the little burgers are only a treat every once in a while. So when my roommates and myself decided to go on Valentine’s Day, I was excited. We decided we would wear dresses because it was V-Day and we’re poor, so this would be our “date.” We thought we were being funny because who the hell dresses up to go to White Castle?

So we get there, right in the heart of West Hempstead, and all the tables were reserved! Reservations at White Castle? Excuse me? There were tablecloths and fake candles, menus, and the employees were actually waitressing. One couple even had a bottle of wine. I could not believe it. We thought we were being funny and it turned out that we were the assholes who didn’t make a reservation.

Apparently the chain does this every Valentine’s Day as to allow their loyal costumers a cute date. (However, the dates were interrupted by someone off the street coming in to beg for money, in true Hempstead fashion.) How had I never heard of this before? How far ahead should you make reservations? I wasn’t sure if I should envy the couples who don’t put feel the pressure of the holiday or feel sorry for them. All in all it turned out to be quite entertaining, and of course delicious.

Would you take your date to White Castle?


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