Complaint about Proactiv customer service

I would normally never post a negative review about a company without actually trying their product. However, I feel that people should hear just how difficult Proactiv’s costumer service was to deal with before they decide to give them a try.

After years of struggling with temperamental skin and trying everything under the sun, I finally decided to take the chance and call and order Proactiv +. After being hassled about ordering a million add-ons, which I declined, I finally was told I would be getting the $29.95 first time costumer price. The next day, I open an email confirmation from the company and was shocked to see the bill came out to $89.85.

After calling costumer service 4 times, I was FINALLY able to get someone to help. When you place an order with them, your account doesn’t become “active” for about 24 hours. So they can’t see anything or make any changes until that time. However, by then the item is already shipped and the charge is placed. I literally had to yell at a costumer service agent who tried to tell me I would eventually be credited some of the money instead of fulling refunded.

Eventually, he tells me when I get the product and a return shipping label, I have to send it back and then I can be refunded. That is IF it all can happen within their 60 day money back guarantee. Which by the way the guy made it seem, it probably wont. Since I need the return label sent to my school and not my house (the billing address) it can take way longer to get to me. Why? Who the hell knows.

It is really unfortunate that a company that supposedly has such a great product are assholes to deal with. They will never get a dime of my money.


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