Hofstra falls flat in helping students

I really need to express my frustration for my school. After three years of working very hard and recently earning a 4.0 GPA, I pleaded with Hofstra to give me additional scholarship money 1) because I think my grades and hard work deserve it and 2) because I am so far in debt already it’s not even fair. After being told no over and over I reached out again when I faced a student loan catastrophe so close to starting my senior year. I was met again with a no and was told that they don’t have funds. Hofstra costs around $56,000 a year to attend so there is no way I’m going to believe that they don’t have funds. They have funds to give athletes a full ride but they don’t honor academics. At this point every part of me wishes I didn’t even go there to begin with but now I’m three years in and it would be a stupid move to leave this close to the end. The only part I am truly happy with is the journalism program. 

Hofstra boasts this reputation that its on par with Ivy League schools and that it cares so much about its students. I am living proof that Hofstra does not. I’m going to be paying off my student loans until I’m 90 and the president of Hofstra is just rolling in dough and doesn’t care to answer any of the several phone calls and emails I’ve sent. To top off the tuition I’m already paying, I had to pay for my internship credits as well. The internships that Hofstra has zero part in getting me or helping me with. 

As if I wasn’t already under enough stress already, this has only been an added weight on my shoulders. 

Please share similar stories or any advice!


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