DIY Where the Wild Things Are Halloween costume

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Halloween has been my favorite holiday since I was very young. I love the weather, the scary movies and of course, the costumes. This year, my boyfriend and I went as Max and a wild thing from “Where the Wild Things Are.” I put a lot of time and effort into this costume so I thought I would make a how-to in case anyone is wondering for future refrence.


Where the wild things are


Max was definitely the easiest as he wears just a onesie and a crown.

  • I bought the onesie from BooHoo. It was $35 but they always have sales so you probably will never have to pay full price for it. It was so comfortable and warm. I was at an outside party and everyone else was freezing but I was nice and toasty!
  • I made the crown from two and a half foam paper sheets from Walmart. I got them in gold glitter but you could always get one in gold or spray paint them gold. I used fabric glue to attach the pieces to each other and then stick on velcro to secure the back. The fur trim is from Michaels and is also glued on with fabric glue. (It was from a much wider piece of fur, I just cut it thin.)
  • tailsThe tail is made from the same fur as the crown’s trim. Michaels sells sheets of fur for a few dollars. I used two. I sewed each sheet together in a cylinder shape and then sewed the second sheet to the first. There isn’t much of a distinguishing line where one sheet ends and the other begins. For the end of the tail I just closed the tip of the cylinder so it came to a point. (I am not that talented of a sewer so any level should be able to do this.) I then sewed it to the onesie.
  • For the claw feet I bought these adorable monster slippers from Etsy.

The only part of the costume I didn’t do was his scepter, but I’m sure you can buy them cheap from a party store or make them easily.


The Wild Thing

This costume was more time consuming and more expensive to make than Max’s but I am really happy how it came out.

  • The headpiece I bought off eBay, but it is a Leg Avenue brand viking hood. It had spiky balls (blanking on what they’re actually called) at the end of the strings and cuffs around the horns that I cut off because they didn’t go with this costume. It fits really big but it didn’t bother my boyfriend too much and you can tie it under the chin if you prefer.
  • Where the wild things are.jpgThe sweater I really just got lucky on. I searched thrift stores trying to find something similar to what the actual monster looks like and had absolutely no luck for weeks. I was going to try to find thin fur to glue onto a shirt when I came across this sweater at TJ Maxx. It definitely saved me a lot of time and it looked perfect. (And can also be worn again!)
  • File Nov 01, 2 19 35 PMThe pants were not difficult to make but it was a very tedious process. The base was an old pair of khakis. I bought two packs of 36″ X 36″ felt from Michael’s (at about $4.30 each). I folded each one as many time as was managable to cut through and cut out triangles. I started off by drawing an outline first and then cutting but it was actually easier to just cut freehand. They obviously do not have to be the same size and shape. I laid out a few rows at a time on the pants and marked off where the tops were. Then I put fabric glue in a straight line across the marking and attached. This was the really time consuming part. I ended up using three bottles of fabric glue! The first one I bought was Aleene’s Super Fabric Adhesive which worked the best but the metal container ripped as it started running low and so I didn’t want to deal with the mess again. I bought another version from the same company and then ended with Elmer’s Glue-All because I got cheap. After wearing the pants for a little bit, the scales were starting to fall off where I used the second two glues but it wasn’t enough to be actually noticeable.
  • His tail was sewn the same way as Max’s but the fur was from a thrift store. I think it was a piece to a coat collar.
  • And then the feet are the same as Max’s as well. My boyfriend wears a size 12 shoe and the Mens XL size worked perfectly. By the end of the night our slippers were pretty dirty but I threw them in the wash without worry and now I wear them all the time!

All in all the work and the money was worth the outcome. We got so many compliments! The key is to start early and search through thrift stores for things to use like the fur and the sweater.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask and if you decide to recreate this costume next Halloween (or just for fun!) send a picture!

"Oh please don't go, we'll eat you up we love you so!"

where the wild things are 2.jpg


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