The phone interview – how to prepare


Ah, it’s interview season again. Whether you are graduating in December and applying for jobs or it’s an internship you are looking for, you will probably be faced with the nerve-racking interview process. The good news is a lot of companies like to do phone interviews, at least for the first round. It doesn’t take all of the anxiety away, but it at least releases some.

There are a few simple things you can do to have the best phone interview possible:

  1. Notes! Probably the best part of not being face to face with someone is that you can have notes for reference. Use this to your advantage. You may want to write down answers to the basic interview questions you might be asked, or just keep note of all the skills and qualities you want the interviewer to know. It is easy to forget things when you’re nervous or focused on something else they may be saying, so having it in front of you will keep you on track. As you know, asking questions to the interviewee at the end is always a good way to show you are interested. Do research before hand and write down these questions. If you think of new ones while the interview is happening, write them as they come so you don’t forget by the end.
  2. Find a quiet space. Living in a dorm can sometimes mean you don’t have a lot of time to yourself but if this is the case, you should politley ask your roommates to give you some space for an hour or so. Having someone in the same room with you – or even in the next room if you live in suite-style dorms – can make the process so much more nerve racking than it has to be. If you are thinking about what they are thinking, you aren’t going to be focused like you should be.
  3. Smile! Yes, you can tell when someone is smiling through the phone. You want to make sure you come across as personable even if it is through a phone call.
  4. Dress the part. This is up to individual preference but I have read a lot of articles advising to dress as you would if you were going to an interview in person, as it can help put you into that state of mind. Personally, I like to be comfortable so I don’t follow this but it’s an interesting method!

Please share any advice below and good luck!


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