Jingle Vox Box review


A few weeks ago, I received the Jingle Vox Box from Influenster. I wanted to wait until I properly tried everything to write a review, so here it is in its entirety!

(I received these products free for testing purposes but all opinions are my own.)

First, let’s go through what goodies were offered this time around:

IMG_47601. Biscoff Cookies

2. A free coupon for Ore Ida Tater-tots

3. Hallmark Itty Bitty Rapunzel

4. Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream

5. NYC City Proof 24hr waterproof eyeliner

6. Pure Ice Nail Polish

7. KISS True Volume Lashes & adhesive


  1. Obviously free food is always a plus. The Biscoff cookies are delicious and make a perfect pairing with coffee. They are soft, but somehow stay crunchy even when dipped in a drink. 5 stars

File Jan 10, 9 05 55 PM

2. The Ore Ida tater tots are also a personal favorite. I added them to an egg wrap and it was truly to die for. (Wrap ingredients: egg, spinach, bacon, cheese, tater tots – inside and outside – and Sriracha) 5 stars

3. The Itty Bitty doll was admittedly a bit random, but it is definitely FullSizeRender-3cute and incredibly soft. I actually contemplated keeping it because of how soft it is, but because, at 21, I really don’t need to be adding to my stuffed toy collection, I passed it along to a young cousin.3 stars


4. I have dry skin all year long so when it gets cold, my skin only gets worse. I have searched for the perfect lotion for a long time but nothing has been able to really do the job exactly how I want it to. This cream however, comes close. I already knew that Cetaphil was a great brand because I recently starting using their soap and have been very happy with the results, so the cream was a good pair. It’s thicker than normal lotion but goes on soft and immediately melts right into your skin. This will definitely be a product I will purchase after the sample runs out. 5 stars


5. This eyeliner is probably my favorite thing in the box. Though I do love eye makeup, I usually only end up wearing mascara because I struggle with runny eyeliner. No matter what, after a few minutes my eyeliner is always half way down my face. (Not cute!) But this NYC liner in dark brown didn’t do that! Only after a few hours did I have to fix the corner a little bit. It also comes off super easy at the end of the day which is often hard with waterproof makeup. The only negative is that it is way too soft. Obviously you don’t want your eyeliner to hurt while putting it on but it wore down so much after the first use. I don’t like to have to be constantly sharpening a pencil. I give it 5 stars nonetheless though. 5 stars

File Dec 28, 3 35 37 PM.jpeg6. I am obsessed with nail polish and nail art so I was pumped to have gotten free polish in this Vox Box. The Pure Ice polish is in “Deja Vu.” It’s a super fun color, especially for New Year’s! Because I left all my nail art supplies at school, I look forward to actually experimenting with designs when break is over!5 stars

7. I have never used false lashes before so I was very excited to get them in the box, but unfortunately, I was disappointed overall. The actual lashes are soft and flexible and did blend in with my natural lashes pretty well, but I was thrown off by how heavy they felt (though I think I’d get used to that over time). The biggest problems were with the Kiss adhesive. While not a deal breaker, the opening of the bottle is big so the glue comes out in globs, which made for a messy application. But the real issue is that the glue is black. I don’t know if that is typical of lash adhesive but I assumed it would be clear. I put only a small strip on the first set so it wouldn’t show but it wasn’t enough to hold them in place, so I used more on the second set and it just looked like I had thick, flakey eyeliner on which did not look good. I tried to remove the excess glue from my eyelid but it didn’t work and I ended up just taking them off and not even wearing them out. I would be willing to try false eyelashes again if I could use a clear glue. 1 starFullSizeRender-6

Overall, it was another great Vox Box from Influenster that I was happy to test. I found products I will definitely be purchasing in the future.



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