What’s the story?

171998923Being a young journalist means you never know where you’ll end up. You may not have a beat or work for a specific topic-oriented company. What will your next story be about? You could be writing about fashion today and cover a school board meeting next week. Not every story is going to leave you bursting with excitement with the words just pouring from your fingertips onto the page, but you’ll learn your strengths and weakness and continue to challenge yourself. You’ll also meet a lot of interesting characters along the way.

I recently started freelancing for a group of newspapers near Hofstra: The Amityville Record, The Babylon Beacon and The Massapequa Post. Over the weekend I attended a polar plunge that raised money to support Camp Sunshine, a camp that hosts families of sick children, giving them a week to be just kids. This afternoon, a man who recently lost his wife told me the story of how they met. Without journalism, these are two stories I would never get to hear.

As I quickly reach the end of my college career (two months left, but who’s counting?) I am faced with the terrifying uncertainty of not knowing where I’ll be working — or even living — in the near future. I can’t lie and say that doesn’t leave a queasy feeling in my stomach, but if I’ve learned anything over the last four years it is to buckle up and enjoy the ride, and always have a notebook and pen handy.


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