Influenster Breezy Vox Box review

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It’s been a while since Influenster blessed me with a new Vox Box, and this was definitely a good one. First, let’s take a look at what was inside:

  1. Origins A Perfect World Age-Defense Moisturizer with White Tea – sample size ($44)
  2. Origins A Perfect World Age-Defense Eye Cream with White Tea – sample size ($38)
  3. ProFoot Heel Rescue Foot Cream – full size ($6.50)
  4. Head & Shoulders Repair and Protect Anti Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner – full size ($5.99/each)
  5. Nair Wax Ready-Strips – sample size ($5.99-$7.49)
  6. Sour Punch Bites, Ragin Reds – full size ($1.99)
  7. Sour Punch Straws, Pineapple Mango Chili – full size ($1.99)


I got these products free for testing purposes; all opinions are my own


Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 3.28.19 PMI was so excited to see Origins in this box because I know they’re a good brand with quality products. And I’ve been trying to find an eye cream for a little while now. I wish that these were full size products instead of the other things. I’ve been using both every morning since receiving the box. I was a little weary to stop using Ponds in the mornings because my skin is so dry, but this stuff acted like a heavy duty moisturizer without feeling heavy on my skin and it soaked in quickly. And it’s got SPF 40 in it which is huge. Unfortunately, a full size bottle is $44. I don’t think I can justify spending that much on a moisturizer when Ponds costs me less than $10 and lasts for months. The eye cream does seem to brighten my dark circles a little bit so depending on how big the full size product is, I may decide to splurge on that. Despite the prices, they both get five stars in my book.

ProFoot Heel Rescue


Another product I’ve been dying to get is a heavy duty heel cream. My feet get so dry and rough in the summer. I have to admit, I haven’t been using this as diligently as I was in the first two weeks after I got the Vox Box, but even with inconsistent use I’ve noticed a difference. The rough patches have started to soften and they’re not noticeable at all unless you touch them — which nobody is doing I hope — so I think if I get back to daily use, I should see even more results. And it’s a huge bottle, so spending $6-$7 for a bottle that will probably last you three months or more is such a good deal. Definitely giving this five stars.

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 3.28.02 PM

Head & Shoulders

I don’t shampoo my hair every day, and when I do I usually use something more formulated for my hair type (curly and coarse), but that being said, I like to always have a bottle of Head & Shoulders around because it really does help get rid of dandruff and product buildup. (And it also helps get rid of rashes on the skin!) This combo smells really great and the bottles are quite large, so I see this lasting me a while. My only complaint is that I have to use a lot of the conditioner because the shampoo leaves my hair feeling pretty dry and straw-like. If I used shampoo every day, I don’t think it could be this. Four stars.


I don’t love wax strips. I wax my eyebrows but with liquid wax that has a roller head. I find strips to be messy and not as efficient. But, Nair has been such a respected brand for so long, I wasn’t going to totally write them off. I know that this was just a sample pack but like really, what are you supposed to do with two tiny little strips? Ok yes, when you pull them apart, it’s two strips in one so technically there are four strips in this pack but they are TINY. And they’re marketed as face and bikini strips. Four tiny strips are not doing anything for your bikini line. I did try them out on my face and did they work? Yes. But would I purchase? No. One thing I don’t like about strips is that there’s a wide border of fabric surrounding the wax that makes it hard to be 100% accurate. I would be pretty scared to use these for my eyebrows. For my face, I’ll stick to what I currently use and if I want my legs / bikini line waxed, I’ll leave that to a professional. I’m giving this 3 and a half stars, because even though they are not my personal preference, they did the job and the pack included a wipe that easily took off the left over wax.

Sour Punch

Ok, I am always down for candy and if it’s free, even better! These were so good, they didn’t even last two whole days. Yes, the bites were good but the straws were out of this world. I had no idea that pineapple mango chili would be such a good pairing, but WOAH. It was delicious. If I had any will power, I would have saved a straw to use in a summery drink, but alas I didn’t. I guess I’ll just have to buy more. Five stars!

Another great Influenster campaign. What did you think about your Vox Box?


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